09 March 2013

Blood Lord Herald

'The Blood Lord Herald appearance on the battlefield would signal the arrival of the Blood Demon host. Then, the real battle would begin...'

Watercolours, Sharpie, pigment ink. 200 gsm Daler-Rowney paper.

06 March 2013



'The Soul-taker had resided in the Castle of the Lake, occasionally issuing forth to ravage the countryside. Eventually, a knight had arrived to challenge the monstrosity.'

Gouache, watercolours, pigment ink. 200 gsm Daler-Rowney paper.
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27 February 2013

Red Demon

'Out of the darkness, the red demon emerged, a picture of malevolence and evil..'

200 gsm Daler-Rowney paper, watercolours, pigment ink.
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