30 August 2012

Devastator Demon

'The devastator demons emerged and fought with fanatical fury when the demonic standards were raised. Their disregard for pain and danger were fearsome to behold.'

Gouache. A5. 300 gsm Daler-Rowney paper.

10 August 2012

Hellfire Demon Berserker

"As the demon host from the pit poured forth, it was led by the Hellfire Demon Berserkers..."

Pigment ink, gouache.

06 August 2012

Death Mountain Demon

"It was in the last days of the realm that the Death Mountain Demons were unleashed at the citadel..." 

Pigment ink, gouache.

02 August 2012

Hellgate Demon Warrior

"The savage Hellgate Demon Warriors are formidable opponents for the forces of light, numbering in the thousands as they guard the Gates of Hell..."

Pigment ink, gouache. A5. 135 gsm drawing block.